WashU gRNA Designer for CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout


Option 1: Search for predesigned gRNA to target human or mouse genes:

Search by gene target


Option 2: gRNA design for user-provided genomic target sequence:

All the gRNAs in WU-CRISPR are designed by a bioinformatics tool, sgDesigner. Custom genomic target sequences must be between 26 and 30,000 bases long.  Please submit only one sequence at a time, consisting of A, T or U, C and G.  Please note that all spaces, line breaks, and numbers within the submission will be removed, and multiple lines will be joined together to create a single sequence.

The stand-alone gRNA design tool can be downloaded here. This program runs under a Red Hat-compatible Linux system.




WU-CRISPR was developed by Xiaowei Wang Lab at Washinton University in St. Louis, and the lab has moved to University of Illinois, Chicago.