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CRISPRDB is an online database for genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA design. All the gRNAs in CRISPRDB were pre-designed and predicted by a gRNA efficiency prediction model, ensemble_ridge, which was developed by assembling five high-performing gRNA design algorithms using stacking ensemble method. CRISPRDB hosts pre-designed gRNAs in two species: human, and mouse. There are three options for users to input the target gene: GenBank Accession, NCBI Gene ID or Gene Symbol. Example inputs of these three options are provided. Users could do gRNA search using our pre-designed gRNA database based on their input genes. Besides gRNA search function, users may also provide their own genomic target sequences for gRNA design using the updated prediction algorithm.

The stand-alone gRNA design tool can be downloaded here. This program runs under a Linux system.

The previous-version WU-CRISPR web interface is available here.


  • Chen Y and Wang X (2022) Evaluation of efficiency prediction algorithms and development of ensemble model for CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA selection. Bioinformatics. 38(23):51755181.

  • CRISPRDB was created by Xiaowei Wang's lab at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Illinois at Chicago.